Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Look Keo Carbon Pedals

Yesterday, on my way into work, one of my long serving Shimano Ultegra Pedals finally gave way to the overwhelming power I put down on the pedals and broke, Ok maybe nothing to do with power and more to do with years of neglect and many 1000s of miles of pedalling!
After much deliberation, I decided it was time for a change! Some shiny Look Carbon Pedals were in order as they were only a tenner more expensive than an Ultegra replacement.

One thing I didn't expect was the fight I was going to have with the old pedals to remove them, after much swearing and blood, I gave in and took the bike to the LBS who added insult to my injury and removed said pedals in 30s flat.

I must admit now that the pedals are on, I'm not sure that I like the look of the black carbon pedals against the silver of my Ultegra cranks, but they are on to stay. Next year the intention is to upgrade the groupset to SRAM red, so hopefully the silly looks are just temporary!

Having now ridden around 15 miles on the new pedals which is of course to soon to form a worthwhile opinion, they do seem to spin slightly easier than the old pedals, although this of course is probably just down to the newness, I imagine an Ultegra replacement would spin just as well as the Look pedals. The locking mechanism on the pedal has a slightly more definite feel than Ultegra though, but not much in it.

One thing that is still true of the new pedals, is that I am no more elegant trying to get my feet into these as I was with the old set! Don't know how many years I have been using SPDs of one sort or another, and I still can't get into the pedals by feel alone!

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