Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Helmet or not?

Had an interesting Twitter conversation today on the contentious subject of helmet use, and whether they save lives or not. It seemed to turn very quickly into a ....hmm, imagine the types of arguments a climate sceptic might use, "placebo for subjective...", "facts say it all" (with obligatory graphs that actually don't say much about helmet use whatsoever), the language was pretty similar - most sceptic language is, and most fall into this style of argument when sceptical of something.

My personal opinion is that I'm not fussed whether you wear one or not, It's your head after all! Me, I like to wear a helmet and I think they are of some use. They may not save your life if you are hit by a lorry doing 40mph, but fall of on cycle path, or on  a road at less than 20mph, then any barrier between you and the hard stuff is surely going to be of at least minimal benefit!

The debate will no doubt go on....

1 comment:

  1. I went through a stationary rear car windscreen at 5mph, it saved me concussion and maybe worse. I will continue to wear one.