Friday, 20 September 2013

Bloody un-trained cyclists

Was reminded that I had started this 'Bloody <insert expletive here> cyclists' list of topics the other day. Never really carried on with it, but some how a recent interaction with a Taxi driver prompted the revival.

Maybe I'll add more here?

Anyway, the other day cycling home from work I was overtaken by a Taxi driver on the bend of Lansdowne Crescent in Edinburgh. I managed to catch him at a red light on Haymarket Terrace, when
I suggested that he might carry out that manoeuvre after the bend, rather than on it next time.

He retorted that "Until you've had some *training*, you have no right to comment on my driving, what do you know?".

I took my car key out of my back pocket** and waved it in his face. "I have been *trained*, I have a driving license, look I even drive a car!"

He changed his tune to "Well you shouldn't have been racing me to the corner".

I then said "I was already in front of you all the way along that stretch of road, look" I said still waving my key in his face "I'm an old man who drives a volvo, I don't do 'racing'."

He seemed not to appreciate my sense of humour and drove off cursing something through the window.

Hey ho, just another day on a bicycle in Edinburgh.

**Incase you are wondering why I happened to have my car keys in my back pocket, my commute is 14miles by bike, and 8 by car.

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