Monday, 14 February 2011

The Contenders...

The time is fast approaching to upgrade my ageing Shimano Ultegra groupset. This, you would imagine should be a happy time, as soon there shall be sparkly new bits on the bike!
Problem is, I don't know which groupset to buy! I have discounted a couple of groupsets, mostly because of price, and the fact that the groupset is going to be used for commuting. So the top-end groupsets - Dura Ace, Sram Red and Campagnolo Record are out of the picture.

The groupset I am looking for is one which is still relatively high spec as it is going on my prized Cervelo, but still affordable, especially bits such as chain/rear cassette which will be getting replaced probably twice a year. This leaves me with three contenders which I think may just fit the bill...

So the contenders are:

  1. Shimano Ultegra - This is a direct replacement for what is already on the bike, and for the most part has served me well for seven years.
  2. SRAM Force - Move away from Shimano to SRAM, there is some compatibility there with bits, so should be able to get chains/cassettes etc to work even if no SRAM available. I have also heard good things about SRAM components.
  3. Campagnolo Chorus - This is by far the most beautiful of the 3, and if this choice was on looks alone then this would be my choice. The problem I may have if I go this route is getting an adaptor to get the rear cassette to fit on my Shimano ready rear wheel! I also must admit that I know nothing of, and have had no experience of Campagnolo components.
Hmm, opinions please?


  1. Campag like all Italian stuff looks good and does not work so well - according to my LBS owning friend! He has stopped stocking it. SRAM is good I have it on my big bouncy bike but I prefer Shimano, smooth and reliable. FWIW.

    1. I ended up with the SRAM in the end. Not sure it was the best decision, looks nice, feels nice shifting, but...
      I have had this groupset less than a year now and have had 2 rear shifters fail on me. Both times this was covered by warranty, but this is apparently a common fault.
      Next time I suspect I will stick with trusty albeit a bit boring Shimano.

  2. I have just started with my first SRAM kit (XO MTB) but the OH has SRAM on all her bikes and has never had an issue, depsite some other club guys insisting they break "all the time..." My local tame LBS insist SRAM are their preffered kit too.